Half Plus Seven

"A coming-of-age tale snorting with energy" — Daily Mail

Available from Parthian and Amazon. Out 2nd April 2014. Second edition paperback out 1st November 2014.

“A clusterf*** of failed relationships, shot down dreams, hypochondriac breakdowns, parental indifference and bulls*** jobs , so concludes 29-year-old PR man, Bill McDare, about his life. To avoid going down, he needs to change. Fast. But getting to up will require a quantum shift in his industrial consumption of booze, drugs, sex, and his fondness for indulging in dazzlingly creative lies and an embedded cynicism of epic proportions. It is at this pivotal moment Bill meets the £10 psychic with a cat. The roads of excess lead to the palace of wisdom, wrote the poet William Blake and the author puts his hero on this pathway. A coming-of-age novel snorting with energy, outrage and scatological detail, it is in places eye-watering. Yet what disarms is Bill’s quasi-religious yearning for order and goodness, plus an outrageous honesty which refuses to compromise.” -The Daily Mail

“A lethal cocktail of Bukowski and Mad Men, finished with a twist of dry Welsh wit.”- Mike Williams, NME Editor

“Unflinching and razor sharp, Half Plus Seven will make you wince and chuckle in equal measure, and then it’ll melt your heart.” -Rachel Trezise

“A marvellous effort… Whether cringing because you’ve ‘been there’ or flat out chortling, this book will draw you in, charms you senseless… Definitely one to watch” -Buzz Magazine

“Sharp, spiky satire…a masculine and propulsive romantic comedy, told in a strikingly bold and honest manner. With its contemporary setting and no-nonsense story-telling…Half Plus Seven is a funny and warm-hearted novel” -Wales Arts Review

“A perceptive take on what it really means to be a successful man living in the big city, Dan Tyte should take well-earned a bow for his raw and impressive debut novel”- New Welsh Review

‘Heaven? Screw that, I didn’t like heights anyway.’

Not that it mattered. Bill McDare wasn’t going to trouble the angels anytime soon. 29 years old with a less than healthy appetite for booze and a buzz, Bill lived in a messy rented room, sold his soul daily in a PR agency and couldn’t remember the name of the last woman he screwed.

He was a disappointment to his family but indicative of his generation. That was until a £10 psychic and a hanging cat came along to save him.

And her. The one whose name he remembered.

This is a tale of redemption for Generation Y. Your generation. Watch him. Loathe him. Learn from him. Love him.

You never know, after the journey he goes on, the angels might just have to save a seat for Bill after all.