Book clubbing

When you sit in a room or on a bus or sometimes in a cafe  and write your novel, you never really know what will happen to it after it is born and enters the complex planet of 21st century Earth.

And then, a year later, you go to a book club and sit around a table with 30 people who’ve spent a month with your book, reading it, thinking about it, loving it, liking it, not liking it (3/30- I’ll take that), but more than anything, reacting to it.  That’s when you think: yes, this is a good thing to do with my life.

Deep novel chats

Deep novel chats on my novel Half Plus Seven

It also helps when they make you cupcakes inspired by your book.  Peace and love Cardiff Read . If you’re in the capital of Wales and want to meet/chat/read/drink with some smart folks, they meet every on the second Tuesday of every month at Canton Library, followed by drinks at Chapter Arts Centre.

Half Plus Seven-inspired cupcakes

Half Plus Seven-inspired cupcakes