Art attack

“Follow your dreams”, my mum said.

I had a dream.

It was set in the near future. All literature was designed on Macbooks, blown up bigger than cinema screens and daubed across open municipal spaces throughout the towns and cities of the free world.

I’ve just worked on a fun project with a clever man called Marc Thomas and a clever coffee shop called Little Man to you a glimpse of tomorrow today.  Marc designed a story of mine called ‘Onwards’ and it’s currently being exhibited on the wall at Little Man.

My dream came true.

I fully understand my worldwide fan base might not be able to make it to Cardiff, Wales to see this, due to work commitments/climate change guilt/fear of flying.  I present  you these pics as the next best thing.

Onwards at Little Man Coffee - WEB danmarkcrop IMG-20150519-WA0006 20150519_184208_resized_1