Hi. Hello. How are you? Thanks for dropping by. The internet’s a big place. We have no cats that look like Hitler or gifs of men falling off rope swings, but we do have some (lots of) stuff about Dan Tyte.

He’s a writer. He was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. He studied English Literature at the University of Liverpool before becoming a PR man, pushing everything from professional sports to pop music. He has written newspaper columns, for men’s magazines, for literature magazines and was a music journalist, but got out before the beer went flat.  He’s contributed to Amazon No#1 Best-Selling PR books.  The Western Mail chose him as their ‘Writer to Watch’ for 2014.

His short story ‘Onwards’ leads the collection Rarebit, out on Parthian Books in January 2014. His debut novel ‘Half Plus Seven’ was published on Parthian Books in April 2014.

PS If you were looking for cats that look like Hitler, knock yourself out here.